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Mark Twain said it best about Bermuda: “[T]he deep peace and quiet of the country sink into one’s body and bones and give his conscience a rest..”

We’ve spent summers in Bermuda since we were sixteen years old and stumbling upon vintage photos of Bermuda bring back so many memories.  At least once a week we are on the phone with our best buds from the island.  It is part of our blood this island and we have just such fond memories there.  Here are a few moments in time:

San Clemente Palace #Venice #Island #LuxuryHotel #kempinskivenice #Luxurylifestyle

 San Clemente Palace


We just have to pause from the excitement over this island in Venice that hosts this luxury hotel.

Located on a private island this one-time monastery and guest home for Venetian nobility made its staring role during the 12th to the 17th centuries.  Now it has undergone several years of renovations and voila!

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Our Rome Favorites #Roming #Rome #Trastevere #Italy #borgoripa #hotelderussie #TravelTuesday

Our Rome Favorites

Borgo Ripa.  The amazing and enchanting garden Giardino delle Delizie (or Garden of Delights) in Trastevere, Italy.  borgo2borgo

Established by one of the most influential families in Rom, the Doria Pamphilj family was cared for by Donna Olimpia Maidalchini Pamphilj. Try the signature cocktail in the delightful gardens! In fact their menu offers six signature drinks.

Hotel de Russie

Just Wow.  We love the private garden setting just steps from Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy.



Giardino degli Aranci | The Keyhole with a view #garden #rome #italy #savellopark #TheGreatBeauty #romeatnight #romeing #giardinodelgiaranci


Giardino degli Aranci


The most photographed keyhole in Rome, Italy is found at the Orange Garden of Savello Park.

Some search for this magic lock after they were introduced to its existence from the Oscar award-winning movie, The Great Beauty”.  From the keyhole you can enjoy an unexpected perspective on the dome of St. Peter.  (HINT: The lock is outside the garden at the gates of Knights of Malta).

Ever wanted to see the Colosseum at night?  For online (no-line tickets) go here.

We love Rome-ing.




Our Daily Routine: Morning to Night #AppleCiderVinegar #nosugars

Our Daily Routine

MORNING:   We start every morning with Water+.  This may include Apple Cider Vinegar (“ACV”) or a hot cup of water with honey.

AFTERNOON:  We love a good salad but we never taint it with creamy or robust salad dressings.  We only use good Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Apple Cider Vinegar.  Yes ACV again!

AFTERNOON SNACK:  While tempting as it is if you are going to do it. Do it right and avoid sugars!  We choose raw carrots, almonds or cashews.

EVENING:  Raw food bowls for dinner that include sprouts, fruit and veggies and raw nuts give you the perfect protein and essential fat blends. We scream in love with Avocado.

Many boast that the raw diet enhances skin and hair care. We can agree and great natural way to stay slim too!  We like to make sure we are not overworking our kidneys with filtering all those things that are bad for you.