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Now here is an adventure!  Tent sleeping in the Sahara.  Ever heard of it? One of our good friends mentioned it as we plan to go back to Morocco. Hmm. I do not think I am cut out for it.  But I thought I do some research on it and share it with you all.

Sleeping under the stars in Morocco is a different type of safari adventure.  Most travel programs will set up small to medium camp grouping of tents for you to enjoy your caravan privately.  Most tours recommend you stay or trek for at least 4 days and 3 nights so that you are not rushed. Camp Al Koutban offers dune sites in the Erg Chigaga of Morocco. We would check out Discovery Sahara Tours, Merzouga and Erg Chigaga luxury camping sites. Another good list here.



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5 Things to do on vacation #travel #traveljournal #art #vacation

5 Things to do on vacation

1. Sketch + Draw.

Pick an object or person or place that you wouldn’t normally think to sketch. Think outside the box Abstractly.

2. Keep a Journal.

We’ve kept a journal since the 4th grade. Of course it’s up graded (no pun) since then. Perhaps this travel trip you can find a topic: unity or intelligence and write how the landscape or art has an approach on these topics.

3. Photograph to match you Journal

Train your eye to pick up subtle nuances to support your theme of the day.

4. Use creative apps

We were impressed with these creative apps. Try them out to capture your art in different ways.

Procreate to draw on your tablet or phone.

Scrivener or Bear for short stories.

Paper to draw or private journal.

Tayasui Tangram to build a scenery out of blocks.

5. Local Purchase

Try to locate the local paper or material so that you can incorporate them into any designs. Visit Art Galleries and Museums for inspiration.