New York | A Perfect Autumn Day

November Autumn Day in New York

Sitting on a NY park bench on Fifth Avenue and 84th Street. Yes, this is the Address of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Many walks of life take their stroll on this very predictable Fall November Saturday. Its a month full of color and surprise. The leaves change and create a glowing hue as the Sun plays peek-a-boo. The Sun at this time could be strong and warm and other times shy hiding behind the clouds. The air is crisp and refreshed like “new”.

There is a specialness when you take that season and place it as a backdrop to the New York City architecture. The drive south from New England is a serene one. Colorful changes windy paved roads, horses and cows in their pasture till urban streets colored in bold. The music and the clothes seem loader there is a thumping rhythm. Now the buildings take on a European feel the vibe has now changed. There are artists on hand to canvas, exhibits strange and grand and smells of mingled food from Asia to Pakistan. You walk to can taste and feel a sample here a sample there..everywhere. There is a line into a building, its long and eager. The faces all look the same – this is what an exhibit will do call into the air and the all fall in. Yet in another special scene could be when the crowd takes on many colorful shapes and themes. This crowd form their line not by outward aesthetics but from something common deep inside. Be it natures beauty or strokes from a hand something about it called all walks of “man”. This is the beauty I see in the N-Y-C. A special it can often be to see concrete and humans meet in unity. I think there is some excitement in the coming out onto the NY streets stage. You can either hide who you are be your truest and no one would bother or disdain. Its a time to be out a time to refresh your perspective because at quick glance you might have thought you’ve seen it all and that is when life is what makes this all happen.
Finding your niche that cozy spot in town when you think nobody knows. Those are the best places because the people around you – you see won’t dare expose. The place that you have all stumbled upon and its a place you want to call your own. Why does this City cause me to want to sip a glass of wine? Is it the appreciation of the fermented process that is involved in secret? Like the process of what builds this City.

(c) Shanta Laster | New York City | November, 2011


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