Shiba Inu a Clever Breed

Owning a Shiba Inu is one of the most rewarding experiences there could be.  There intelligence, agility and loving attention is unmatched. See

And they are quite Clever!

Today started off like any other morning until Sumo (my Shiba Inu) started acting up with some of the neighborhood dogs.  His contempt for the Black Lab was of no surprised, but when he tried to go after Boomer a/k/a “Grand Pa” that was when I scolded him.  Boomer is the kindest most gentlest dog there is on the block.  On any other day, Sumo is generally kind and affectionate toward Boomer.  Sumo was scolded all the way home for this unacceptable behavior as Boomer paid Sumo no mind.  As I left for work, I shut my bedroom door knowing he was going to vindictively pull off all the pillows from my bed. On my way out, I look up at Sumo sitting at the top of the stairs and I say, “Do Not Touch Anything”.  Famous last words!

Really? Seriously? Really?  And there it is – full act of rebellion!  He knows full well that he is never allowed on that couch.


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