A Gaze

What do you contemplate?

Sumo (my little Shiba Inu) always inspires me to look beyond.  On a recent trip to Seattle, WA, I made note of my surroundings and was motivated to write this poem. Oh yea, every now and then I will bust out with a poem or two. Stay tuned.


In their vibrant bushels I see a Dahlia. 
I see a delicate form of beauty.

Different than the next yet all the while unmistakably
conscious of its art form in wonder.
A glimpse of an eye all flushed with color.

Its vibrancy so clear it cleanses the mental palate.
What was the problem? Who needed a solution?
Oh how it faded while a sun-filled walk you paraded.

On Pike Street I stand into its haze.
Creation in its perfect form how inspired it makes a mortal 
Seeing the peak of Mt. Rainer, you bow down to its majestic 
presence as you contemplate your very small existence.

A breath is suddenly taken away as a glance forms into a gaze.
Where can a moment in time make you a literary genius 
or form an amateur into a poet?
All because a glance that formed into a gaze.

A voice speaks within and narrates a scene never viewed before.
All from a glance formed into a gaze.

The Sun now sets as if you needed anymore magical moments.
Its introduction and close is as slow as a curtain falls 
after a grand performance.
A tragic shame it is, to move about without the acknowledgment 
of the outstanding creative days performance.
Collection in a bottle, too limited to contain.

Yet the eye in all its intrinsic capacity absorbs the wonder,
stores the wonder in a fond capsule called a memory.  
A thought to ponder.
All because you allowed your glance to form into a gaze.
(C) Shanta Laster (Seattle Washington)

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