The Algarve’s – South of Portugal

“Ah Vacation at last!” I exclaim loudly.

I couldn’t decide this year where I wanted to go not because I had a lack of imagination, but rather I couldn’t decide which locale.  This year it was between Thailand and returning to Europe.  The decision was made by what kind of vacation I wanted (beach versus ruins).  So I decided to hit the sandy beaches of Praia da Rocha, Portugal.  Yes, for those who know I was in Lisboa and Azores last year and love Portugal so much that I decided to return.But this time its the South in the Algarve’s so it doesn’t really count. Right?!

What to expect in Praia da Rocha?

– Beaches (Praia dos Três Castelos; Praia do Amado and Praia do Barranco das Canas*) *Beach has Sunbeds and refreshments served.

LAGOS | Town of Lagos: Beaches/ City/ etc.


The cheapest boating trips are taken with the small local operated groups who have a little stand by the water. They are cheaper than the people standing close to the marina who generally offer longer and more expensive trips that includes more than visiting the grottoes.
Read more:

**Ponte da Piedade (Boating Trips) **Ponte da Piedade (Kayak Trips)


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