“Take Yourself Out of the Equation”

Did you ever feel that events where happening solely because they involved you? Did you think that every move someone else made was solely based on thoughts of you? A slight case of self-absorbance or self-centeredness may skew one’s thoughts of one self. Constantly thinking of peoples behavioral patterns which are often governed by their thoughts.  Whether positive or negative about us their lies slight narcissism with a touch of insecurity.

Take yourself out of the equation, I always say. It’s not about you, it may have once been about you, but as time and events go on – it’s longer about you anymore. Lust for attention or control all sure signs of insecurity and selfishness. When you include yourself as part of the equation you include yourself as part of the natural pattern of succession. You may be inadvertently inviting yourself into an area that is beyond your emotional status or even social class. Why assume to be involved or the centered topic of discussion? When involved expect to be engaged and provide valuable contributions. If you are unfit for the task, ask yourself, why did I seek to get involved? Was the mere curiosity to learn whether or not you were the center, or the innate desire to control events unnaturally or according to your liking?
Often times, there are invisible cinematic scripts distributed amongst your imaginary cast and crew members. Members can include your intimate family members or close associates: you assume their lines, you presume their behavior and you even dictate their endings as happy or sad. You place yourself without invitation or on retainer as the Director, Cinematographer and Script Writer so that YOU become satisfied. Is LIFE all a big studio lot to you?  Where sets can magically appear and disappear? LIFE is a bit more permanent and your directorial debut does little to improve it. Most of your prescribed words and imputed emotional feelings are often taken with a negative receipt. In your world there is angst and insecurity. Often persons are felt as though they can never measure up. They are always failing and constantly on the witness stand. Your genre has an Accusatory theme which plays out in three main acts:(1) the Summary of the Accused/ Action, (2) The Judging and (3) the Execution.” – Shanta 2007.
[I rediscovered this written excerpt I wrote back in 2007.  I will be publishing a few of my short writings this week.]


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