The Attention Seeker

The Attention Seeker

[Reblogging this entry because it was just that good then as it is now; Originally posted on 11/7/12.]

Everyone wants to be loved or feel pursued; its natural.  But who will you accept the attention from?  All of us have different friends, I’ve categorized them: Group A: those we like to have fun with, Group B: those we are intellectual with and Group C: those who we cry with.  Journeying in and out of those groups builds friendships but also stimulates interests with one or another.  There are some who may capture the attention to one or more of the senses at the same time. For the senses, I’ve segregated them into numbered sections: Section 1 Physical attractions (smells, tastes, feeling); Section 2 Spiritual Attractions (Love of God and sense of self being); and Section 3 Emotional attractions (one to lean on – feeling safe) and Section 4 Intellectual attraction (thought provoking chats and conclusive guided directions).  Timing is the key because where you are emotionally is what you will attract.  Where you are spiritually is what you will attract?  Being an ‘up and comer’ meaning, you hold a lot of potential and you are being recognized for your talents you already knew you possessed and some that are newly discovered. But you still are reminded that there is plenty of work to do on yourself. You’re climbing a refinement ladder and you witness many wonderful and tragic things.  Do you stop at ladder step 120 and build a relationship with Guy Section 1 from Group A? Or do you keep climbing and wait until you can connect with someone representative in all Groups and with every Section met.  Is that at all possible?  Where you feel yourself succeeding but you are attracting the wrong man or you are even attracted to a man you know is wrong for you – is that an indication that you really haven’t moved up the refinement ladder but simply have remained the same or even gone a few levels below? It’s hard to judge of course where one is at individually only outsiders can do that, but you are curious???

You want to make the necessary changes to bring yourself closer to what you really believe you want and you actually convince yourself you are almost there. The right road, it could be only a few steps away but somehow your judgment becomes clouded and you are embarrassed by the fog in your head.  Keeping Your Senses implies knowing Who You Are?  What helps you to know who you are? Experiences, Associates and Reflection; Keeping a modest approach about oneself is surely a way not to miss the right or left turns that are necessary to make in order to continue on the path to the “right road”.  We maybe already on the “right road”, I think it’s the times when you’ve reared so far off of it that you recognized how’d I get off of it?  And then you find yourself back tracking back to the right road.  So maintain the positions and following the curves of the “right path” is the key. Getting the map and studying how you can make the correct “rights” and correct “lefts” is vital.

Talking about Experiences: these can give a fresh prospective on a topic that we may have viewed differently.  Had your first break up?  Divorced?  Had your first child?  How you view yourself and others have now changed as you’ve personally experienced events.  However, experiences can become mirages if there is no reflective thought process.  Taking the situation into account and what could have been learned, what could have been done better or how not to make the same mistake twice.  Learning from the Experiences enriches our senses.  Keeping our senses sharp or dulled can be aided by our Associates.  Who we associated with is important because they can encourage or discourage.  They can foster better decision making or cause malignant decision patterns.

I like the point where the Latin term for love, Eros can disguise itself as brotherly affection.  When one is unable to control their sexual feelings and it leads them to make advancements toward the opposite sex based on solely that feeling instead of brotherly affection. Whereas brotherly affection involves not seeking selfish interests, but the emphasis is placed on principles.

In some relationships with others the Eros seems the most dominate portion – is that wrong?  It’s wrong if it’s always acted upon but could this mean that one could not learn to develop the other facets of love?  No.  Controlling Eros is the key and allowing the other facets to take route and be exercised.  Not to be overlooked is self respect and the safeguarding of one’s chastity.  Its something of importance and valuing another is too. What is the value of chastity?  Will it be sold for a small return in (a) hope’s that it brings a guy closer or (b) to satisfy a fleshly desire?  No is definitely the answer that solves those two prospects and the respect I have for myself is paramount. Guarding chastity and the heart will help to stay on the narrow path.  How to Guard?  By filtering what is heard and watching the topics of speech and conduct.  Make a covenant with your eyes and a heart not to deter from it. Avoid flirting!  How selfish that act is, it’s often played out publicly and even secretly.  Leading one to think something more is going to happen when in reality there isn’t any intention.  Where an explanation is needed to be given implies that the line had been crossed and the act of flirting incited another to feel more.  Have you become victim of someone’s charm? A charm that proved false in its nature?  Alarming and sad – it’s easy to become a prey. And prey it is, it’s the hunt – the chase – the desire and then the capture only for the end result to be for Sport.  A trophy a winning item – sad and then feelings are let down and intentions are misconstrued.  A flirtation is it so innocent or is it a slippery as a Serpent?  Think not selfishly about satisfying your own desire but think about how the other person would feel and if you are flirting.  Think about yourself and how selfish you are and unloving and uncaring.  How many “sorrys” will it take you?  There is no satisfactory number once injury has been caused.  An evident sign of reversed actions with a vow to not to repeat the act again – soothes. Conceal yourself if you feel in danger.  Take flight and do not allow negative or selfish impulses to surface.  Protection at all costs.

I like the point where our desires are like a sick man who is a diabetic and craves sugar.  We ‘crave’ the things that are bad for us!!! But be determined to put up the hard fight against the natural inclination to do wrong.  Avoidance!!

The choice should involve one who you are proud to be associated with; one you respect; one who has a solid faith as equal if not greater to yours; one who is unselfish in his/her actions toward you.  One who there is no other love greater you seek.”

Written by Shanta 2007.

[Another fond written excerpt from my private writing collection…..]


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