Find the Cheapest Flight #errorfare #airfare #traveltips

Stop paying over inflated prices for airfare by becoming smart about your search.  KeyAesthetics uses a few travel skills to book their international flights.

Searching Tools


We are fond of Momondo search engine for its hard working approach to beat the competitors deals.


The side kick app as I call it—is a great way to double check prices that get you to your destination quicker without that nasty layover.  Or if you want to indulge in long layover for 2 in 1 trips, you can play around with the search engine.  Note use the app over the website.

Google Flights

Known for its efficiency and user friendliness, Google Flights offers you a quick reference to the best discounted flights.  You can search and compare to choose the best date available. See example of NYC to JNB (South Africa):


Hit List

A newcomer on the scene, Hit List and its app aggregates the best deal with tracking capability through Skyscanner search engine.  We would just suggest sometimes running a search on Skyscanner since HacktheFlight feeds off this, but if you want a quick IOS/Android App to add to your phone use this company.

KeyAesthetics Twitter feed stays close to numerous travel tracking websites such as Secret Flying and HacktheFlight.  These websites offer daily alerts to Domestic and International deals.

Get out and enjoy the flight and the world.


[Post Not Sponsored.  Travel tips are KeyAesthetics original ideas and opinions.]



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