Game Drive in South Africa #TravelSnob #travelbloger #Mohlabetsi

What to Expect on a Game Drive

Getting There | Triple Check your Visa requirements.  I was traveling from the United States and the visa requirement is that you have at least two full clean visa pages before entering into South Africa.  Without two clean visa pages in your passport, you will not be able to enter. Thankfully, I was able to get in without knowing this vital fact.  Aye, time for a new passport.

Lingo | “Safaris” are typically known as “game drives” in Africa.  “Sundowners” are light snack with alcoholic beverage of choice break on an evening game drive to watch the sunset.

Dependent on your destination, most game drives start early in the morning (around 5 or 6am) lasting about three hours and evening (starting at 3:30pm) returning after the sunset and Sundowner.

Morning Game Drive | Be prepared for experiencing cold early morning game drives.  Lots of layers are required so that you can remove them as the morning warms up.

When staying at Mohlabetsi in South Africa, they provided warm blankets and I brought along a hot tea in a thermas.

Evening Game Drive | While the evening game drive starts while the sun is up, expect the temperature to drop after sunset. After a couple of hours of exploring you typically end with sundowners (evening drinks at sunset) and snacks before heading back.

At the stylish Mohlabetsi, we stayed in a our private African villa, along with a private field guide, maid, and butler. The accommodations were uninterrupted by other guests and we enjoyed our own bonfires and private bubble baths overlooking the bush.




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