Top 5 Tips to Cure Travel Anxiety #travellife #instatravel #highanxiety #airfare

Tips for Anxious Flyers


Many today are plague with travel anxiety either from what is happening around us in the world or just the idea of being in the air. How to cope with this anxiety?

  1. Focus on the positives.  There are over 87,000 flights taken in the U.S. according to AirTraffic Data Set 2017.  Just think about the thousands of Flight Attendants and Pilots each day that take to the sky and return safely to their families. You can too! If you voice your concern with one of the Flight Attendants they may pay you extra attention and help calm you down.


2. Get Distracted.  Taking on reading material or listening to an audio book really helps to take your mind off the flight.

3. Make a playlist.  Create a music playlist of your favorite calming songs.

4.  Write in your journal. We created a travel journal and take it with us everywhere. You never know when you will be inspired.  Also, its good with letting out our emotions on paper.


5. Avoid Alcohol or Caffeine.  If at all costs avoid these beverage stimulants.  Opt for Tea without caffeine or even just hot water with honey. Our Editor just drinks hot water, it helps her tummy and provide a bit of warmth on the frigid airlines.


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