The Art of a Letter #liveauthentic #thatsdarling #holdthemoment


Whenever I receive a letter in my mailbox I am filled with so much delight.  There is something intimate and special when someone takes the time to write a handwritten note. Nowadays our mailboxes are filled with billing statements, catalogs and promotional mailers and offers.  We need a break. Whether it is email or instant messenger, everyone seems to forgotten how to write a note.  Do they even own their own stationary anymore?  Are they even teaching cursive in school?

Having grown up in the age before internet (I know hard to believe), my friends and family members abroad would sent photos and letters.  Man I miss those days.  Recently I learned how beneficial and encouraging it is for someone to receive a hand written note if their loved one has died.  Often times these recipients can re-read these words and bring back comfort. Or a happy occasion like a graduation or wedding, send a letter. Not to forget either if you dined over your friends home, send them a Thank You note telling them how much you appreciated their hospitality.

We can make a big difference in someone’s life with just something so small.


Happy writing!

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