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A few highly publicized travel incidents have put the spotlight on airline compensation, or more specifically, what customers are owed for an overbooked, canceled, or significantly delayed flight. While this conversation is still unfolding as travelers come to understand their rights as paying customers, services like AirHelp have chosen to take matters into their own hands.

The free app, which launched in 2013, was created in an effort to help streamline airline disputes by connecting passengers to the airline with a simple scan of their boarding pass. “With the information acquired from the pass, the company tracks information that could entitle the user to a settlement from the airline, such as delays, cancellations, and overbooked flights,” explains Cassandra Daily.

From there, AirHelp litigates against companies on the passenger’s behalf and will take 25% of the settlement (if the passenger receives one). In other words, all you have to do in the event of a canceled, delayed, or overbooked flight is scan and wait. “Before we came along, people didn’t know about their rights at all,” said AirHelp Chief Executive Officer Henrik Zillmer to Bloomberg. “Most people don’t know the law—and even if they did, they might not know what they’re entitled to.”

Since 2013, the service has reportedly processed two million claims for a total compensation of $195 million. Head over to Bloomberg for more and download AirHelp before your next flight.


This post originally appeared on January 10, 2018 on MyDomaine

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