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Merida, Mexico

Who What Where?

Whenever I tell others I am traveling to Merida, MX they respond,  “Where?”.  I try not to look surprised after all Merida, MX is quite an ex-pat haven.  I like that it is not overrun with tourists and not overly commercialized.  However, I do feel like it is the Westchester County of Mexico for its safety, fine dining, orchestra symphonies and art galleries.

Merida is the capital of  the state of Yucatan.  This region is a bustling arts and cultural scene steeped in Mayan and colonial heritage.  You certainly feel like this is Mexico but there are hints of Europe throughout.  This is probably why I love coming here.  We are thrilled to be in Merida during the Merida International Arts Festival known as Merida Fest.  Merida Fest occurs January 4 to January 21.

Of course as always we are all about Younghee’s Kitchen.  She is fab fab and only is open during certain hours, so we run to eat her authentic Korean food.

And there you have it! This is why we love Merida, MX.


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