5 Best Onsens in Atami Japan #onsen #bathhouse #Travelblog

We don’t know if its because it is getting so cold here in New England that we are thinking about Japanese Onsens and Korean Bath Houses, but we just want to be warm.

Here are our top favorite Onsen’s in the Atami region of Japan.  Atami is only 50 minutes outside Tokyo, so a day trip is definitely doable. The springs at Atami are chloride springs. Chloride springs are with much salt content similar to seawater, and they are good for warming the body, fighting off chills, and alleviating nerve, muscle and joint pain.

  1. Wafuukan – This hotel boasts wide soaking tubs, beautiful views and just 12 minute walk from JR Atami Station.
  2. Heartpia Atami – Undisturbed private luxury relaxation. Shuttle buses from JR Atami Station available.
  3. Hoshino Resorts KAI Atami – a luxury boutique hotel with Onsen.
  4. KKR Hotel Atami – Just breathtaking views of the sea, plus luxury accommodations for enjoying the baths.
  5. Yuyado Ichbanchi – indoor and outdoor baths with incredible views

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