San Miguel de Allende, Mexico | Old + New #allende #sanmigueldeallende #mexico #traveler #moxirestaurant #besteats

San Miguel de Allende | Old + New

When we think of Mexico we often think of sandy beaches and all inclusive resorts. Don’t be fooled those things are very important. However, there is so much to Mexico. We love San Miguel de Allende with its old + new approach.

Where to stay: With plenty of options from Hotels to Airbnb, you just cannot go wrong. Rosewood San Miguel de Allende is one of those breathtaking properties that give you ultimate luxe experiences. For a hidden away cobble-stoned street boutique location try L’Otel HotelLa Morada Hotel in the main square, El Jardin gives you the most budget friendly option. Lastly, we cannot forget Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada –ah takes our breath away.

Cuisine: As the trend continues, you will be happy to learn that farm-to-table offerings are still available in San Miguel. I think the best part of Mexico is the fresh food at reasonable pricing. Our best places recos? Try Moxi Restaurant for an amazing Brunch; for panaramic views look to La Posadita; El Pegaso is a fav amongst ex-pats; and for country view Casa de Aves, a hotel/restaurant that gives you best of both worlds and MEAT.

ARTworld: The first destination should be Fabrica La Aurora. This gallery houses art studios for the art community including home furniture, jewelry and antiques. For B+B and art gallery combined, we recommend El Zaguan.


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