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BARCELONNETTE | Beyond Provence

Fetes de Latino Mexicaines

August in France is where you want to be. The festivals combined with the weather just create such wonderful traveled memory.

Fetes de Latino Meicaines | The celebration of the Franco-Mexican emigrant movement. Located in the Ubaye valley, Barcelonnette is steeped in rich history with ties to Mexico. Who knew! We were fascinated by its history and its enchanting villas.

In the second half of the 19th century, a movement was sarted when villager of Jausiers, near Barcelonnette, left for Mexico in search of a better world. Founding of Mexico City’s first textile and retail industries.

Among the thousands of young mountain men who left the Ubaye Valley for the lights of Mexico, many made very large fortunes and retired in Barcelonnette or Jausiers. They build villas in the Ubaye landscape—stucco castles and Spanish colonial mansions overlooking Alpine meadows and tin-roofed villages.

Every year in August you can attend the Fetes de Latino Mexicaines

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