VEGAN Eating in Italy | The best of best #ilmargutta #biobar #vegetarian #vegan


Eating in Italy vegetarian style

We really appreciate how diverse Italian food really can be. There is an ever ending possibility to its cuisine. Here is your complete guide to eating well in Italy if you are a practicing vegetarian.

Ma Va’ | Menu boasts of appetizers made of chickpea hummus, eggplants, and tabouleh. This vegan eatery includes Italian and Mediterranean dishes.

Madre Terra | Located near the small Villa Torlonia Park and the former Roman residence of Mussolini  in Trieste/Nomentano neighborhood. You will find the vegan restaurant to be a delight. A variety of Pizzas are made gluten free and the veggie burgers are raved about.

Dont forget to indulge in their BIO BAR. The Bio Bar serves coffee, a teas and herbal teas, pastries, cakes and fruit juices and smoothies.

Le Bistrot | The tucked away vegan gem offers you fresh homemade delicious food. Yumm-O. We are getting hungry just typing this.

Il Margutta | Saving the best for last, this restaurant and art gallery. Say what?! Yes, we are in love and its calling us. Expect to enjoy truffle and apple extract sauce, fennel stew with carbonara foam, or grilled mushroom and soy burgers served with fries. Daily they make a fresh veggie mayonnaise, ketchup and chilli mustard.

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