Afternoon Tea at #WhitbyHotel #traveler

Afternoon Tea and Rooftop Terrace @The Whitby



Welcoming December

How will you welcome December?


While some places have already begun to see some snow fall , here in Connecticut we are still experiencing some mild weather. Do not get me wrong, the butt warmers have already been turned on in the car and we are rocking boots with coordinating scarfs. Sooo we are already getting in the winterized mood.

This December we will be hosting some groups of friends at the house and endeavoring to complete some canvas painting projects.  As things slow down, we are welcoming some quiet days with the fireplace roaring in the background.  I am sure you are just feeling the same, T-I-R-E-D.

We just cracked open the Calendar (#notetoself buy a 2018 calendar) to look at which dates we will pen down to book some flights abroad.  Desperately not trying to repeat the many times we flown this past 2017, can you spell “exhausted”, we have a heart set on a few venues.  Our heart is always with South Africa, so that one is given, but there are some other lands which we will explore this coming new year.  Some old and some new. Stay tuned.

image via mijamah