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What Does Autumn Mean to You?


September 2018keyaesthetics


Kefalonia Greece #jawdropping #grottos #TWWT


The cave lake of Melissani

We were first introduced to grottos while visiting Merida, MX and suddenly are hooked.  The thrill is to trek through the woods to find these natural wonders. Greece too is not short of its supply of breathtaking natural wonders.  The cave lake of Melissani is just jaw dropping. According to Greek Travel Pages (GTP.pr) “this phenomenon is especially beautiful around noon when the sunlight comes in vertically through the opening in the roof.”


Stay and enjoy the beach and the caves at Kefalonia Island Bay Palace resort.




The Recap #PindarVineyards #Hamptons #TravelBlog #sunflowers

Summer Weekends where you are able to simply relax and be with good friends has really no price tag.  Spending time admiring how lovely the vineyards in the Hamptons are really brought us much joy.  We had no schedule and were not rushed at all and we just simply soaked in the landscape ending with a wonderful sunset on the beach. Dinner at Painters was fab-O.  The sunflower fields at Pindar were delightful!  Live Music and good food surrounded us as the outdoor festivals.



Le Duc de Bourgogne – Bruges #LuxuryTravel #TTOT #Travel #keyaesthetics


There is something about Bruges, no?  It has that medieval nostalgia but elegance of what we expect of France. I love the Hotel Le Duc de Bourgogne and how it is set on water, just enchanting. We heard its called, “The Venice of the North“.

While there be sure to wander the ivy grown alley ways and pop into little cafes.  We recommend Café T’ Klein Venetie for its magnificient views.  Another cute find is Bistro Brugis.




Morocco and South of Spain #tangier #Africa #luxurytravel #marrakesh


We are finally having a proper Summer here in  Fairfield, CT and have already started the season with dinners on our patio.  We now start to focus our attention to our end of season trip to Morocco and Southern Spain for Beach and Relaxation.  The side trip to Morocco is starting to take shape and we are planning Cave of Hercules, a walk on Boulevard Pasteur, a Camel ride, Casa Barata Flea Market and of course beach.

Just fell in love with Mnar Castle Hotel; super stunning. However, we are also eyeing La Mamounia. A little birdie told me about GastroMK for the best cuisine in Marrakesh. And a spa treatment at El Fenn.




Medina, Marrakesh