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Post Weekend

Monday the climatic end to a wonderful weekend, yet a new start to a fresh week. Out of all the weekends in the year today is CYBER MONDAY. It is like the free pass to do more shopping or find the best travel deals.  Here are our top tops:

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Travel to Venice with Kids. 3 Top Hotels. #italy #travel #TTOT #kids #offers


  1.  St. Mark’s Square, Splendid Venice – Starhotels Collezione. Nestled in a small canal this hotel awaits.  Babysitting is available upon requests and there are restaurants on site. Pets are also welcomed.
  2. Torre dell’Orologio Suites in St. Marks. The apartment away from home. Kitchenettes within select suites afford you to cook food the way your baby likes it.  We like how the staff can arrange babysitting services, tours, airport transfers, car rentals, concert bookings, and gondola excursions.
  3. Hotel Ala. Rated the best value Hotel for all.  At the Giglio water stop it is close to Campo San Stefano with a playground for toddlers, restaurants and bakeries.  Breakfast is included in room rate. Right now use code: MYBOOKING to receive an additional discount.

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Kefalonia Greece #jawdropping #grottos #TWWT


The cave lake of Melissani

We were first introduced to grottos while visiting Merida, MX and suddenly are hooked.  The thrill is to trek through the woods to find these natural wonders. Greece too is not short of its supply of breathtaking natural wonders.  The cave lake of Melissani is just jaw dropping. According to Greek Travel Pages ( “this phenomenon is especially beautiful around noon when the sunlight comes in vertically through the opening in the roof.”


Stay and enjoy the beach and the caves at Kefalonia Island Bay Palace resort.




How to Maximize Your Savings #invest #TWWT


Get your ducks in a row!

Live on less.  We have learned to live in times of lean and fat.  Growing up with little we learned that we only need the basic necessities. So now that we have more we still have adopted the same mindset to live on less.  Buy items on sale, use coupons, use cash, use cash or AMEX (which to me is cash deferred).  And absolutely no loans (except your Mortgage).

Automate your savings accounts (yes plural).  We have three separate High-Yield Savings Accounts (HYSA) savings accounts that automatically take a certain set amount from our salary every two weeks.  We often forget about these accounts because their online and not easily accessible (that is the key).  And when we emerge from our submarine state we suddenly realize wow we stashed away alot of money. This has often gotten me airline tickets to places I really wanted to go or just that special item I have had in my Amazon wishlist queue.

Challenges and Rewards.  We set mini challenges for ourselves by not buying coffee and buying our lunch for one month. Or only taking $50 dollars with us for the week (I know –what it can be done).  That extra money we reward ourselves with a new dress.

Pennies to Dollars.  We have used our connection with Acorns * to invest our leftover change into stocks. And wowsers we save boku money!! Just another way to stash stash stash. I am a horder of money and not things. Yikes! (*Get $5 today when you use my link).  Acorns simply links to your designated checking account or bank card and every purchase you make they round up the remainder to the nearest dollar and that is what they invest for you. You can be as conservative or aggressive as you like.


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The Recap #PindarVineyards #Hamptons #TravelBlog #sunflowers

Summer Weekends where you are able to simply relax and be with good friends has really no price tag.  Spending time admiring how lovely the vineyards in the Hamptons are really brought us much joy.  We had no schedule and were not rushed at all and we just simply soaked in the landscape ending with a wonderful sunset on the beach. Dinner at Painters was fab-O.  The sunflower fields at Pindar were delightful!  Live Music and good food surrounded us as the outdoor festivals.



Le Duc de Bourgogne – Bruges #LuxuryTravel #TTOT #Travel #keyaesthetics


There is something about Bruges, no?  It has that medieval nostalgia but elegance of what we expect of France. I love the Hotel Le Duc de Bourgogne and how it is set on water, just enchanting. We heard its called, “The Venice of the North“.

While there be sure to wander the ivy grown alley ways and pop into little cafes.  We recommend Café T’ Klein Venetie for its magnificient views.  Another cute find is Bistro Brugis.




Weekday Workouts #fitness #travelprep #ttot #LoveYourLife @lifetimefitness @DavidLloydUK

We are struggling to do our weekday workout. Why?  Because we failed to stick to our plan. Sound familiar?

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We are going to try to get back on it starting today, no tomorrow, Okay realistically Monday it is. LoL.  We have several trips planned before the end of the year and all of them require walking around in our bikini. Am I ready? I think not. 😦

By the way, we fell absolutely in love with LIFE TIME FITNESS in White Plains, NY.  Unfortunately, we live in Fairfield County, CT and White Plains is way too far. Please please LIFETIME open a locale in CT.  The club reminded me of the days/eves with my family in London at my brothers club, DavidLloyds Clubs.

Here is our aimed schedule 🙂

Monday AM 30 mins

Tuesday PM 1.5 hours

Wednesday PM 30 mins

Thursday AM 30 mins

Friday and Saturday (rest)

Sunday PM 30 mins

The Blue City of Chefchaouen #Morocco #TravelTuesday #twwt #ttot


This August we will venture all the way to South of Spain and bits and parts of Morocco.  We have our eye set on the Blue City of Chefchaouen. Chefchaouen is the northwest city of Morocco nestled in the mountain region.


The blue washed Moroccan city offers plenty of food and attraction.  We will be delighted to indulge in the seafood cuisine that this city offers.  The Tissemlal Restaurant in Casa Hassan Hotel was recommended.  The city offers ample shopping for fine wool, pottery and linens. A place to stay Casa Perleta and Casa Sabila.

The local weather in Chefchaouen is about 92 degrees (33 c). All we can say is bring it on.  We are ready for that kind of humidity (we think HA!). Currency is Dirham (1 United Arab Emirates Dirham equals 0.27 US Dollar).  And more importantly Se Habla Espanol alla. YAY!