Lucite Tray Collection by KeyAesthetics #decor #organize #myclosetdesign

The Lucite Tray Collection


We are pleased to show case our Lucite Tray Collection from our custom graphics.

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How to Maximize Your Savings #invest #TWWT


Get your ducks in a row!

Live on less.  We have learned to live in times of lean and fat.  Growing up with little we learned that we only need the basic necessities. So now that we have more we still have adopted the same mindset to live on less.  Buy items on sale, use coupons, use cash, use cash or AMEX (which to me is cash deferred).  And absolutely no loans (except your Mortgage).

Automate your savings accounts (yes plural).  We have three separate High-Yield Savings Accounts (HYSA) savings accounts that automatically take a certain set amount from our salary every two weeks.  We often forget about these accounts because their online and not easily accessible (that is the key).  And when we emerge from our submarine state we suddenly realize wow we stashed away alot of money. This has often gotten me airline tickets to places I really wanted to go or just that special item I have had in my Amazon wishlist queue.

Challenges and Rewards.  We set mini challenges for ourselves by not buying coffee and buying our lunch for one month. Or only taking $50 dollars with us for the week (I know –what it can be done).  That extra money we reward ourselves with a new dress.

Pennies to Dollars.  We have used our connection with Acorns * to invest our leftover change into stocks. And wowsers we save boku money!! Just another way to stash stash stash. I am a horder of money and not things. Yikes! (*Get $5 today when you use my link).  Acorns simply links to your designated checking account or bank card and every purchase you make they round up the remainder to the nearest dollar and that is what they invest for you. You can be as conservative or aggressive as you like.


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Style Stories….


When you are about to take a journey what is the first thing that you do?  KeyAesthetics Founder and Editor tells her process through this  story segment.

KeyAesthetics Editor relates: “This Fall our time will be well spent in Switzerland and Italy. At the outset, I deliberate for weeks which travel journal will accompany me.  The journal has to have the right texture, paper spacing and durability. The quest for the right journal can last until the day before I board the airplane. Meanwhile, I start to brain storm and predict what fashion mood I  will be in.  For the days were are in Switzerland I plan them to be basic leisurely mornings and dinners with close friends.  While I want to feel like I am home in Connecticut I still want to be fashion appropriate for Europe.  Easy separates (as in the reversible vest) and cozy fabrics are attracting me for this voyage. The Boden Cardigan blue cardigan can be dressed up or down.  Earth tones, statement necklaces and of course black are attracting us for Fall 2016. The necklace scarf idea is perfect and serves two purposes for us.  We love it. Italy in October can have some chilly days so we always have our trench coat ready.

Packing the beauty regime might warrant it’s own separate post. We will though say that packing good hand lotion and essential oils are a must. Some basic essential oils we carry are Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, Rose Hip Oil and Geranium are the basics. (We’ll have to tell you why later…).

Last but not in the sentiment of least, we search @Homegoods and @WorldMarket to pick up gifts for those that I am visiting.  Wine goes over well“. XXOO.



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Live on your old salary.  What do I mean?  Well I recently got a promotion with a merit raise, but I still live on my old salary as if nothing changed. That extra money received I just bank and I mean literally take it away from me pre-taxed out of my salary into my money vaults. Then I forget about it and watch it grow.

How to save over $100,000 with just $100 a month (good tips).


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