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We are so excited!  Our new Spring crisp clean edition is now live.  Enjoy each page we filled with love.  This edition features:  Why we love Merida, MX, Korean Tea Houses in Seoul, Cafes and our fav vineyards.

As a reminder, our edition is available for free for the first four (4) weeks from publication.  Thereafter, the KeyAesthetics Magazine issue will become available for digital purchase only at 1.99USD.

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The Impact of The Black Panther Movie #blackpanther

6 Of is Girls went to see the Black Panther Movie and we were on the edge of our seats.

We were blown away with the action sequences and deep connections to the dialogue between African and America-African people about the past. We couldn’t help fall in love with Chadwick Boseman (whew we want to marry him). And we screamed out R A N D A L L when we spotted Sterling K. Brown.

We left exhausted yet intrigued to learn more about Wakanda. Be sure to stay to the end end end of the credits.

3 Things to do in Venice in 72 hours #Italy #TravelBlogger

3 Things to do in Venice, Italy


  1. St Mark’s Square.  This Venice attraction is famous for its Gothic architecture.  The plaza while touritsy it is the best place to people watch, feed the pigeons and just capture great photography. While there be sure to visit the Clock Tower, Basilica San Marco and the Correr Musuem.
  2. Rialto Market.  The open air market is unique and a wonderful place to obtain fresh ingredients.  Market is open Tuesdays to Saturday only.  We just love the open archways and the wonderful photo opportunities.
  3. Burano.  Dont forget about the neighboring islands adjacent to Venice.  Exploring the islands will give you a great perseptive of color and old world charm.

Lastly, use gondola rights and walk and walk everywhere.  Every corner is a new memory waiting to be had.

photo by @the_girl_daily_journal.


100 Years | Louis XIII Cognac Movie + Song by Pharrell #NotComingSoon #whiskey

We thought it was an interesting concept.



The film “100 Years” will be released in full until 2115.  Already three teasers have been revealed that showcase a hypothetical vision of what Earth might be like in one hundred years. Each teaser begins with the same dialogue and incorporates the actors, but each presents a different future.

Apparently, the film was placed in a customed made created by Fichet-Bauche, a distinguished security product and services French brand, established in 1825.  The custom made safe has a timer that records the time and date and counts down one hundred years. Upon the closing of the safe, the door will not open until the one hundred year countdown is complete on November 18, 2115. The first of its kind that cannot be opened with a code or a key, the safe will open automatically regardless of access to a power source, further guaranteeing that there is no way that the film can be accessed before 2115. Interesting.