It is #RelaxationDay. What are you up to?


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Kefalonia Greece #jawdropping #grottos #TWWT


The cave lake of Melissani

We were first introduced to grottos while visiting Merida, MX and suddenly are hooked.  The thrill is to trek through the woods to find these natural wonders. Greece too is not short of its supply of breathtaking natural wonders.  The cave lake of Melissani is just jaw dropping. According to Greek Travel Pages ( “this phenomenon is especially beautiful around noon when the sunlight comes in vertically through the opening in the roof.”


Stay and enjoy the beach and the caves at Kefalonia Island Bay Palace resort.




3 Ways to Unwind #relaxation #LuxuryLife #TWWT


  1.  Start a Journal.  We’ve kept a journal since the fourth grade. Of course today’s entries are more sophisticated that “I hate Jane. I love John”.capture
  2. Learn to Paint or Sketch.  A close friend once told us to take up painting and allow it to become the vehicle to free yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes.  We’ve come along way and love that we can place our art for sale. (email: for Contemporary Art Designs quote).

3.  Buy yourself flowers.  We love Orchids and Hydrangeas and often we buy ourselves bushels for our home decor.


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Closets Designed with @ClosetFactory #organize #clientstories #design #muebles

Our Dream Closet

We are so pleased to have had two of our closets designed with The Closet Factory (CT).  Our designer Natilya was A-Mazing.  The consultation was FREE!  Measurements were taken and an online design was shown for our approval.  The gentlemen who installed our closets were professional, courteous, clean, and QUICK!

These new closets sparked an inspirational desire to be more cognizant of keeping only the best of the best in clothing. I was able to donate up to three full bags of clothing to my local Goodwill and good friends. And that feels good.

Wow.  Thank you.




Materials:  Basic Color White.  Brushed Nickel Handles and Wardrobe rails.