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Calming Stores


Six Stores that Calm Me!

In Order of Preference:

1. Anthropologie (Greenwich, CT location).  In each store I feel as if I am transported to a European locale.  The eclectic finds within the store just energize me and make me feel so happy with life’s little surroundings. 2.Starbucks(r)Wine Bar (Seattle, WA).  The perfect pairing and the location on Olive Street even has a balcony. It was a very charming experience to be there.  Group with friends or alone a glass of wine at an already comfortable Starbucks local can just make you sooooo happy. 3.Henri Bendel (5th Avenue, NYC) What is it about Henri Bendel? It is the classic whimsical charm of atmosphere that hits you as soon as you see its doubled doors.  The familiarity of the Brown and White stripes, yes! The winding stair cases and intimate nooks with windows looking over 5th Avenue, double…

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