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Merida, Mexico

Who What Where?

Whenever I tell others I am traveling to Merida, MX they respond,  “Where?”.  I try not to look surprised after all Merida, MX is quite an ex-pat haven.  I like that it is not overrun with tourists and not overly commercialized.  However, I do feel like it is the Westchester County of Mexico for its safety, fine dining, orchestra symphonies and art galleries.

Merida is the capital of  the state of Yucatan.  This region is a bustling arts and cultural scene steeped in Mayan and colonial heritage.  You certainly feel like this is Mexico but there are hints of Europe throughout.  This is probably why I love coming here.  We are thrilled to be in Merida during the Merida International Arts Festival known as Merida Fest.  Merida Fest occurs January 4 to January 21.

Of course as always we are all about Younghee’s Kitchen.  She is fab fab and only is open during certain hours, so we run to eat her authentic Korean food.

And there you have it! This is why we love Merida, MX.



Airport Lounges at LGA #amexplatinum wins #travelblogger

So this AM we wanted to compare Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge versus AMEX The Centurión Lounge and without a doubt AMEX wins.

How to get in this lounge:

The breakfast at The Centurion was absolutely fresh and with Frittata, eggs, pancakes, fruit etc. As always everything is complimentary and we just relaxed.

On the other hand the Maple lounge was sad sad sad you walk down an empty and bleak corridor only to walk into a dim lit no just dark as in sadness Room. The food was sparse and not appetizing- we left right away.


This Site Will Reimburse You if Your Flight Is Delayed, Cancelled, or Overbooked #TravelTuesday #Airfare #LuxuryTravel #Traveltips #TheGirlWhoLikestoTravel



A few highly publicized travel incidents have put the spotlight on airline compensation, or more specifically, what customers are owed for an overbooked, canceled, or significantly delayed flight. While this conversation is still unfolding as travelers come to understand their rights as paying customers, services like AirHelp have chosen to take matters into their own hands.

The free app, which launched in 2013, was created in an effort to help streamline airline disputes by connecting passengers to the airline with a simple scan of their boarding pass. “With the information acquired from the pass, the company tracks information that could entitle the user to a settlement from the airline, such as delays, cancellations, and overbooked flights,” explains Cassandra Daily.

From there, AirHelp litigates against companies on the passenger’s behalf and will take 25% of the settlement (if the passenger receives one). In other words, all you have to do in the event of a canceled, delayed, or overbooked flight is scan and wait. “Before we came along, people didn’t know about their rights at all,” said AirHelp Chief Executive Officer Henrik Zillmer to Bloomberg. “Most people don’t know the law—and even if they did, they might not know what they’re entitled to.”

Since 2013, the service has reportedly processed two million claims for a total compensation of $195 million. Head over to Bloomberg for more and download AirHelp before your next flight.


This post originally appeared on January 10, 2018 on MyDomaine

7 Places To Visit In 2018 Because you missed them in 2017 #Travel #TWWT #Tblogger #TheGirlDaily


There’s no denying the future is uncertain for many of the most magical places in the world and the extraordinary wildlife that inhabit them. With so many places, plants, mammals and marine animals endangered, it was difficult for us to narrow down those we think you should add to your bucket list. Instead, consider these to be a sampling of the myriad destinations worth both visiting and helping as 2017 comes to a close.