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Airport Hubs | Events to attend.

Airport Hubs | Events to attend

Traveling during the seasonal months doesn’t necessarily need to bring on anxiety.  Now you can look at layovers or connections as opportunities to visit a new city.  I feel like I am constantly in Madrid and Heathrow Airports and have gotten the Terminals down to a science.  The trick is to prepare mentally and emotionally beforehand.  First on my list is stop at Zara’s, Duty-Free perfumes, and lastly hit up the local Terminal events.  I subscribe to The Heathrow Traveller, Heathrow’s very own online magazine.  It keeps me up to date on events that maybe happening during my passing. The Winter 2012 article currently features the article entitled, Power Hours on what to do during your lay overs.  I loved loved loved every word of it.

Earlier in my August post, you might have laughed along with my Madrid duty free experience but all jokes aside I map out where I need to go within these sub-cultured worlds.  We often take flights and zoom by but I encourage arriving early enough to appreciate the Airport lounges, restaurants and shops. Often I find and discover my next favorite thing.

Some Airport Terminal events going on this season:

Copenhagen Airport shopping center on selected dates will be handing out free hot chocolate from Peter Beier.  Visit the shopping center on the following dates: 29 November, 6 December, 14 December and 20 December where he can be found during the following time-slots: 7.00 to 10.00 and 14.00 to 18.00.

Charles de Caulle Airport at Terminal 2E, hit the Museum shop that sells art-related gifts, including replicas of famous artifacts housed in France’s most prestigious museums.

Hong Kong Int’l Airport check out the online Merchant offers.  Stop by the IMAX theater and Educational Center while you are there.

Newark Int’l Airport upto two-week parking (51%off) through GroupOn. See link:

Nearby Heathrow Airport you can go ice skating at the Natural History Museums Ice Rink through January 8, 2013.

Note most airlines have waived change flight fees due to Hurricane Sandy. So that means if you had booked a trip for the school break in February but can no longer go, check with your airline to see their waived fee policy.