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Decorating pointS of view

Ever see a fabulous decorating option for someone else’s space other than your own? Happens to me all the time.

For the past two months have been involved with heavy discussions with mom about her decorating dilemma’s.  So I’ve been sending her  emails with clippings of inspired decorated homes for her place as suppose to my own home. HA!  Well its been a nice refreshing change of thought to think of someone else. Some inspirations I have been found of:



The Nautical Collection. Click to on photo to purchase.

Nautical Collection AnchorPillow AnchorsAway(Invitation)Anchor CrabbyDryEraseBoard Espresso Mug (Anchor)

The “Anchor’s Away” Collection

A fresh look at New England inspired designs for your desk and home. The signature collection of course features the Anchor, but we’ve didn’t want to show a lack of appreciation for the other iconic sea symbols out there.  A slow introduction of the following characters,  “Mr. Crabby”, “Pink Octopus” and “Whaley” will ensue.
Customizable designs featuring these three distinct sea creatures will be available at in December,2012.  We are having so much fun designing with them in mind we know you would agree!