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Little Prince Bar


The City Vineyard at Pier 26

The wrap up of warm weather is causing us to feel a bit nostalgic over dining outdoors.  We have been eating al fresco meals at home nearly every chance we can get.  If you find yourself in NYC please stop by these places.






Be Inspired. Kitchens.


If I was standing on this wood floor, I might be smiling like Aerin Lauder as well.
Wood flooring in the kitchen is so quintessential New England and I am a New England girl!  I love the contrast between the wood and the white and this would be an instant installed choice for my current kitchen.  Although, I can live without the pale blue walls too cold and washed out.  I rather stay with my current warm wine Bordeaux shaded walls I have now in my CT kitchen.  Ah with the storms we’ve been having and being home I am so inspired to decorate.  Patience. Patience. Perseverance. The joy of taking your time and letting the decoration process occur naturally I am greatly fond of….

Here we are currently enjoy a little winter wonderland in CT.