Inspired fashion for Italy

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@humblechic we love their easy to travel with jewelry.

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@jcrewfactory we are just leaping for joy that they could just coincidentally have pulled together spread worthy of packing to my Italy trip. Love when that happens! And when @jcrew does this, it takes the guest work out of packing.

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Summer Favs


As the weather warms, my interest to dine outdoors increases.  We pit stop at Laduree SoHo garden for a sundrenched afternoon.  A clean crisp looking eyelet dress  or maxi stripe dress are always in fashion. Put on a fun T-shirt like this one and have a comfy day. Lately, we’ve appreciated the chic, clean lines a JCrew Factory.  Its helped us add in a few cute pieces into our own wardrobe.


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A collaboration we are keeping our eye on, Gap taps Marissa Webb (formerly of JCREW) to design for Banana Republic.

Marissa Webb Collection – KeyAesthetics editors favorite pieces here.

C. WONDER Sample Sale

When/Where: Tuesday, April 15 through Sunday, April 20. Tues—Sat 10am—8pm, Sun 10am—3pm. 260 Fifth Ave Between 28th and 29th Sts (212-725-5400). C.Wonder. What KeyAesthetic’s Editor loves here and here.


J [Crack] | The FaceOff

The Face Off


I am guilty as charged!  You will find in my closet either J Crew or Johnnie Boden items fully stacked high.  I am sorry, I am in love with their classic and timeless designs. Fall 2013 is looking pretty chic.

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