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When you are about to take a journey what is the first thing that you do?  KeyAesthetics Founder and Editor tells her process through this  story segment.

KeyAesthetics Editor relates: “This Fall our time will be well spent in Switzerland and Italy. At the outset, I deliberate for weeks which travel journal will accompany me.  The journal has to have the right texture, paper spacing and durability. The quest for the right journal can last until the day before I board the airplane. Meanwhile, I start to brain storm and predict what fashion mood I  will be in.  For the days were are in Switzerland I plan them to be basic leisurely mornings and dinners with close friends.  While I want to feel like I am home in Connecticut I still want to be fashion appropriate for Europe.  Easy separates (as in the reversible vest) and cozy fabrics are attracting me for this voyage. The Boden Cardigan blue cardigan can be dressed up or down.  Earth tones, statement necklaces and of course black are attracting us for Fall 2016. The necklace scarf idea is perfect and serves two purposes for us.  We love it. Italy in October can have some chilly days so we always have our trench coat ready.

Packing the beauty regime might warrant it’s own separate post. We will though say that packing good hand lotion and essential oils are a must. Some basic essential oils we carry are Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, Rose Hip Oil and Geranium are the basics. (We’ll have to tell you why later…).

Last but not in the sentiment of least, we search @Homegoods and @WorldMarket to pick up gifts for those that I am visiting.  Wine goes over well“. XXOO.



Cultural Similarities


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