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In Flight Movies

Recently in flight from London (Gatwick) back to New York (JFK) I watched Cleopatra. I really watched it and was so impressed again at the impressive and interpreted wardrobe.  The scene where Cleopatra arrives in Rome to great Julius Caesar is still so very epic.

P.S. – I flew Norwegian’s new flight and I have to say I did not have ANY jetlag. Way to go Norwegian!


Cleopatra_Grand Entrance

Personal Desk Space

What Does Your Home Office Look Like?



Our Fav Links:  A White Leather Desk Pen Holder/ Chrome Paper Clip Holder/ The Dress/ Vintage Teakwood Box/ The Tea Cup.

In Paris this weekend? Checkout Laduree.



Laduree invites you to discover their new mini corner The Wonderful Ladurée,
which will be inaugurated February 21, 2014 at Sephora Champs-Elysées!

This pop-up fairy, up until March 6, 2014, showcases
our collection of makeup on her sumptuous carriage.

Two wonderful performers you reserve
a greedy and full of surprises home?

KeyAesthetics 2014

In 2013, KeyAesthetics traveled to six countries.  When we counted we couldn’t believe it and the diversity is shown through the pages of our online magazine.  We covered Denmark, Sweden, Copenhagen, Belgium, South Africa and London. Wowsers!

Enjoy the March/ April 2014 Issue that features our Paris 2014 trip, Gardens and the Color White. Coming Soon this month.

KA_TeaserEntry Halls we adore.


Lights | Nights | Beauty.


So aptly I entitle this Blog entry with thanks to the surrounded beauty in London and Paris.  An evening out for dinner at Oxford Circus was very memorable. Walking the London or Paris streets with ones you love – is just AH!

OxfordCircusNigtStrolls through Paris streets and see the real beauty….