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for the trend hAS REVAMPED ITS SITE

The refreshed look of the online store of For The Trend has me so very excited.  All the newly inspired Collections have finally been made available for purchase. Check out the new fashionable items for Desk and Home.

“I Could Kick Myself”

Duty Free Shopping in Madrid, Spain

Duty free shopping has always been my favorite highlights when I travel abroad.  Whether it’s Paris’ Terminal 2e, Madrid’s Terminal 4 or London Heathrow’s famous Terminal 3 (or “T3”), I am always running late for my flight and loosing track of time.  Paris Terminal 2e even has their own Brochure. Zara’s is always a must stop.  Then I go spend hours drooling over the perfumes at World of Duty. And it is at World of Duty where I always discovery my  next favorite perfume.

I could kick myself!” How many times have you said that to yourself.  Well I am saying it almost everyday since flying from Madrid back to New York this month. I discovered Un Air D’Escapade Perfume by Givenchy.  I sprayed a little on my arm then realized, “Oh, no! I have to get to Terminal 4S for my flight to New York. I am late.  I am late.”  Running with bags in hand and sweating to death I kept stopping to sniff my arm and I kept falling more and more in love with Un Air. Wow, its beautiful! Ok, one Airport Air Tran, several escalators and the longest corridors ever, I finally  make it to the Gate.  “Wait, the gold necklace from Toledo“.  I forgot I must pick up a set of earrings or a necklace at this one shop only within the  Madrid International Airport (since I didn’t go to Toledo) to get my hands on the the Toledo gold jewelry.  I ask the Airport security how much time do I have? He says, “You have 10 minutes Ms., but the line is long so you should be okay. Don’t be late“. Ugh, famous last words.  I scurry fast fast fast – “where is that store“, I say. “Ta-Da!” I found it.  Ok I am getting earrings. Now, which earrings? Ok, gottem.  Fast fast find the Euros pay the guy, speak a little Spanish now run run back to the Gate. But wait! I stop to smell the Un Air again on my arm. Wow it is so so beautiful!  Could this top my signature scent that I already own?  I don’t know but its pretty wonderful.  Ok, I say to myself as soon as I get back to the States, I am purchasing this Perfume!

Well, I am back to the States and “I could kick myself” for I discover the perfume is exclusively sold only at Duty Free Int’l shops and it has a limited run by Givenchy! What!!! Oh no, I am literally in tears.  I know! Ask Mike, my neighbor who is a private perfume dealer  – he can secure it for me.  Stay tuned.

Thankfully (because I can’t wait), I got my hands on a sample bottle; a measly 5ml, but I will ration this baby for all that it is worth because IT IS WORTH IT.  Click on the Photo for a review of the Perfume.