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Just a few items above that caught my eye this week as I was repurchasing my favorite perfume from Urban Outfitters.

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“I Could Kick Myself”

Duty Free Shopping in Madrid, Spain

Duty free shopping has always been my favorite highlights when I travel abroad.  Whether it’s Paris’ Terminal 2e, Madrid’s Terminal 4 or London Heathrow’s famous Terminal 3 (or “T3”), I am always running late for my flight and loosing track of time.  Paris Terminal 2e even has their own Brochure. Zara’s is always a must stop.  Then I go spend hours drooling over the perfumes at World of Duty. And it is at World of Duty where I always discovery my  next favorite perfume.

I could kick myself!” How many times have you said that to yourself.  Well I am saying it almost everyday since flying from Madrid back to New York this month. I discovered Un Air D’Escapade Perfume by Givenchy.  I sprayed a little on my arm then realized, “Oh, no! I have to get to Terminal 4S for my flight to New York. I am late.  I am late.”  Running with bags in hand and sweating to death I kept stopping to sniff my arm and I kept falling more and more in love with Un Air. Wow, its beautiful! Ok, one Airport Air Tran, several escalators and the longest corridors ever, I finally  make it to the Gate.  “Wait, the gold necklace from Toledo“.  I forgot I must pick up a set of earrings or a necklace at this one shop only within the  Madrid International Airport (since I didn’t go to Toledo) to get my hands on the the Toledo gold jewelry.  I ask the Airport security how much time do I have? He says, “You have 10 minutes Ms., but the line is long so you should be okay. Don’t be late“. Ugh, famous last words.  I scurry fast fast fast – “where is that store“, I say. “Ta-Da!” I found it.  Ok I am getting earrings. Now, which earrings? Ok, gottem.  Fast fast find the Euros pay the guy, speak a little Spanish now run run back to the Gate. But wait! I stop to smell the Un Air again on my arm. Wow it is so so beautiful!  Could this top my signature scent that I already own?  I don’t know but its pretty wonderful.  Ok, I say to myself as soon as I get back to the States, I am purchasing this Perfume!

Well, I am back to the States and “I could kick myself” for I discover the perfume is exclusively sold only at Duty Free Int’l shops and it has a limited run by Givenchy! What!!! Oh no, I am literally in tears.  I know! Ask Mike, my neighbor who is a private perfume dealer  – he can secure it for me.  Stay tuned.

Thankfully (because I can’t wait), I got my hands on a sample bottle; a measly 5ml, but I will ration this baby for all that it is worth because IT IS WORTH IT.  Click on the Photo for a review of the Perfume.