Charming Ideas

Charming Ideas

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Welcome Messages

Reading a few of my favorite Blogs, I am almost never tired of unique al fresco dining decor.  This blog is full of inspiration. Outside my front porch, my hydrangeas have been growing quite beautiful. I have to admit, I am quite proud.  The goal  is to nurture them through this Summer season.  Every day when I drive up the driveway and see them they Welcome me like a big figurative “hug” from my home.


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Decorating | Points of View

Decorating pointS of view

Ever see a fabulous decorating option for someone else’s space other than your own? Happens to me all the time.

For the past two months have been involved with heavy discussions with mom about her decorating dilemma’s.  So I’ve been sending her  emails with clippings of inspired decorated homes for her place as suppose to my own home. HA!  Well its been a nice refreshing change of thought to think of someone else. Some inspirations I have been found of:



The Nautical Collection. Click to on photo to purchase.

Nautical Collection AnchorPillow AnchorsAway(Invitation)Anchor CrabbyDryEraseBoard Espresso Mug (Anchor)

Color Spotlight: GRAY

Gray | Chic Understated

I am no fashion expert, but I like what I like.  I have always been moved toward a color that has made me happy or has defined the mood I feel at that given moment.

I do love the shade of Gray and it certainly holds a prominent place in my wardrobe palate.  Whether it is a wonderful pair of Gray shoes, dress, or a skirt – you name it – you can find those items mingled within my over packed walk in closet. Here are some Gray inspired products I recently designed.

Closets! I desperately need to do a re-org of my Closets (with drawers and shelves and all).  Growing up my mother had our closets professional designed.  I knew where everything was in an instant.  Gosh! I am so way behind, I need to do this.