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funny2I thought these were clever from Nifty lil gadget.



Relax. Weekend. Ah!

 Friday Night Cocktails in Brookfield, CT.

Ah it’s good to be home!





What’s Playing in my car today: Royals by Lorde, Little Secrets by Passion Pit, Bom Sinal by Celso Fonseca and Me Dedique a Perderte by Alejandro Fernandez.

Statler and Waldorf | A fond memory.

For those of us who grew up on the Muppets.


Best Quotes:

WALDORF: They aren’t half bad.
STATLER: Nope, they’re ALL bad!
(Weezer video)

WALDORF: Bravo, bravo!
STATLER: Why are you yelling bravo? Did you like it that much?
WALDORF: Nope; friend of mine, Joe Bravo, he’s sitting in the front row. Bravo!

(George Burns Episode)

 STATLER: That George Burns is a great singer!
WALDORF: Well so am I, Statler!
WALDORF: Sure! Hey, you wanna hear me sing?
STATLER: Only if you sing tenor.
STATLER: Ten or eleven miles away! HA HA HA HA HA!

(George Burns Episode)

STATLER: We got our money’s worth tonight!
WALDORF: But we paid nothing.
STATLER: That’s what we got!
Both: Doooo-hohohohoho!!!!

(From Season 2 with Madeline Kahn)

STATLER: Do you think this show is educational?
WALDORF: Yes. It’ll drive people to read books.

(From “The Muppet Show: Connie Stevens”)