Connecticut Winters 2013

Connecticut winters

With each winter season we become eternally grateful for the time that can be spent in our Connecticut home. Winter is a very special time where fond memories are created.  Spending time with friends and family often invoke a serene feeling within us.  Sipping wine by the fire on the most snowy day is a highlight.  Simple favorite moments have been created and shared this season within our New England home.  A cozy fleece throw wrapped around yourself on the comfy favorite spot on the couch soaking in a movie.  I will say this week we watch too cerebral movies back to back that just had our heads spinning. So I caution never to watch Inception then Beautiful Mind in the same night.  You’ll start questioning your own reality. LOL.


Be Inspired. Kitchens.


If I was standing on this wood floor, I might be smiling like Aerin Lauder as well.
Wood flooring in the kitchen is so quintessential New England and I am a New England girl!  I love the contrast between the wood and the white and this would be an instant installed choice for my current kitchen.  Although, I can live without the pale blue walls too cold and washed out.  I rather stay with my current warm wine Bordeaux shaded walls I have now in my CT kitchen.  Ah with the storms we’ve been having and being home I am so inspired to decorate.  Patience. Patience. Perseverance. The joy of taking your time and letting the decoration process occur naturally I am greatly fond of….

Here we are currently enjoy a little winter wonderland in CT.