The Great Escape


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Mud and Clay Masks



The more I travel the more fascinated I become with different cultures. Yet I learn that beauty does continue to standout. The kind of beauty that can and always transcend in attracting all walks of life.  An open clean space. Great soap from France.   Charming Studio in Montmarte to rent .

Being with Family

How are your Family Dance Gatherings?



Well I am officially in London (WaHoo) for a week with my family then off to Paris for a few days.  First London stops will be made here and here.

Tea would be enjoyed here. Gifts and Antiques will be bought here. To enjoy a full spa experience in the City of Bath here.

If time it would be neat to go to Selfridge’s (as on the PBS program entitled, Mr. Selfridge). There are 18 restaurants to choose from in Selfridge’s.  I cant decide between the Ice Cream  at Oddono’s or fine dining at The  Corner .

Calming Locales

Calming Locales

I would not say that I am a well traveled person, but there a few locales that just calm me instantly. These are my Top 5.  I cannot say they are in order of preference because they all hold such a high level of value within my short life experience.

1.  The Coves in Bermuda – As a child my family would take yearly vacations to the island of Bermuda where we would spend our summers on the sandy beaches frolicking with friends who quickly became members of our family. I distinctly remember in my eighteenth year of age going to the cove and taking a swim around a Coral Reef and finding an alcove with its own private stretch of sand. This alcove could not have been more than 200 feet wide.  It was my private oasis; the warm waves crashed in and I contemplated many many things about myself and my life. No one else in the world knew where I was on the planet except for God and it made such an impact from that day forward.  I still remember the Cove. Of course I do not have a photo bc I had to swim to this private cove, but this picture gives you an idea.    2.  The coral reefs in Turks & Caicos – Another world indeed are the reefs in Turks & Caicos.  My first experience with snorkeling was during my stay here and I am so glad I did it because Turks is home to one of the longest barrier reefs.  3. Sete Cidades in Azores, Portugal – A seriously enchanting Archipelago of islands.  Every island is distinct  and takes your breathe away – literally!  What stands out for me are the Hydrangea lined roads and fields and Sete Cidades lagoas.  The water the lush green mountains all splendid beauty tucked into this European island escape. 4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC) – I take my coffee and I get into my most relaxed stance and then I just take in every curated corner of this magnificent Museum. Winters are spent on the balcony listening to the Quartet and Summers are spent on the rooftop soaking in the sun and all times in between are spent strolling very very slowly through each exhibit. 5. Natural Hot Water Springs (St. Lucia) – Think of a natural warm jacuzzi nestled in the thick lush forests of St. Lucia.  Spending an afternoon in the warm natural water springs in St. Lucia I have to say was the most relaxing experience.  Spreading the sometimes black sand all over rejuvenated and brought life back into my skin.  My best friend at the time was living on the island and we hiked ourselves to these natural springs, just a short distance from Ladera Resort & Restaurant.  After our natural spa experience we dined at Ladera overlooking the 2 Pitons.  You must have the sliders at Ladera. (

Oh man, I have to add a few more.

How could I leave out 6. Sausalito, California. This City is like Positano or Capri Italy – you dine while the Yachts float buy.  You walk along the sidewalks having the water on your every side. Ah.  I have to say it is “like” Italy because I still have not traveled to Italy.  One day soon. 7. My dining room – yes i love spending time in my dining room. Whether its sitting on the leather settee or the bench along side the window; it’s always an inspiring place for me to start or end my day.