Granada | The Arab Baths of Al Andalus in #Spain #bathhouse

If you know the Editor of KeyAesthetics well, you know we love our Bath houses.  While we are finalizing our South of Spain details, this place was added to the list. More details here.


Where I am

Where I am

Is where I wish to be.  Returning from Europe always brings me a little sadness.  There is a real authenticity and identity with the carefree and slower pace lifestyle of Europe. I am my better self when I am there and I am quite melancholy when I am absent. How I wish to be is where I want to be —- in a land full with culture, sun and Cava.

My them song in Tenerife, Spain was: Cava in the morning, Cava in the evening, Cava in the afternoon…..


photo sourced from Vogue Portugal.


Tenerife (Canary Islands)


Some highlights and photos…. I recommend Tenerife for Adults and families. Its well worth the 12 hour flight off the coast of South Spain and West Africa.

Points of interest:  Playa de Las Americas, El Teide the active volcano at 12,000ft above sea level, La Masca, harbor in Garachico and whale watching.

Famous films filmed in Tenerife: Clash of the Titian’s, Planet of the Apes (1968).