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A collaboration we are keeping our eye on, Gap taps Marissa Webb (formerly of JCREW) to design for Banana Republic.

Marissa Webb Collection – KeyAesthetics editors favorite pieces here.

C. WONDER Sample Sale

When/Where: Tuesday, April 15 through Sunday, April 20. Tues—Sat 10am—8pm, Sun 10am—3pm. 260 Fifth Ave Between 28th and 29th Sts (212-725-5400). C.Wonder. What KeyAesthetic’s Editor loves here and here.


The “Anchor’s Away” Collection

A fresh look at New England inspired designs for your desk and home. The signature collection of course features the Anchor, but we’ve didn’t want to show a lack of appreciation for the other iconic sea symbols out there.  A slow introduction of the following characters,  “Mr. Crabby”, “Pink Octopus” and “Whaley” will ensue.
Customizable designs featuring these three distinct sea creatures will be available at http://www.ForTheTrend.com in December,2012.  We are having so much fun designing with them in mind we know you would agree!

Moroccan Styles that Inspire

Sintra Portugal has to be one of the most romantic and exquisite cities in Portugal.  Last year we visited the Azores Island and mainland Portugal.  Ever since I have been inspired by Moorish Architecture.  The castle Palacio de Pena (pictured) was quite enchanting to walk through.  These smitten designs have me thinking about Sintra all over again. Enjoy!

More designs at: www.ForTheTrend.com