Color Spotlight: NAVY “The New Neutral”

There are a few colors within my wardrobe that constantly call out my name. NAVY and all my love of things NAVY have always made me feel grounded and yet so at ease.

If certain foods bring comfort, the same must hold true for colors. This is not a nautical blue that I am talking about, but a Fall Navy. It the new neutral in my book and its grabbing my attention this Fall.

This Chesterfield immediately drew my attention and reminded me of the sun drenched afternoons in London UK at my brother’s North London home. There in England the same styled Chesterfield resided; only it’s shade was a deep emerald green. Very English and Very Reminiscent of Fall.

A Classic Fall that is it!!

This Fall color just cleanses my palette. Doesn’t  this very chic Trendy Tory Burch HoBo handbag just scream Fall?
A First Look at my newly created items to appear exclusively at ForTheTrend. (very soon – I promise).