Thursday Weekend Prep


via Apartment Therapy and Babble  for awesome Outdoor Movie ideas. See Tranquil Quarters.

Monday | Things that make me smile


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Live on your old salary.  What do I mean?  Well I recently got a promotion with a merit raise, but I still live on my old salary as if nothing changed. That extra money received I just bank and I mean literally take it away from me pre-taxed out of my salary into my money vaults. Then I forget about it and watch it grow.

How to save over $100,000 with just $100 a month (good tips).


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Traveling? Stop being bored at the airport and try this. A fresh outlook to decorate your small space. I spy this tray for gags. JCREW never lets us down with this and that. The gingham dress we snagged recently. A tasteful done soiree.