Escaping to Mexico #AirTraveler #thegirlwholikestotravel #twwt #Mexico

We leave to Mexico today. Whew escape from the minus degree weather couldn’t come soon enough! See you on the other side


Lego Mania

Many of you know, I am in 1/3 Fashionista, 1/3 Lego Mania and 1/3 Star Wars Mania fan.  I don’t know and some where in between there is Poetry writing, Website Building and Advertising Guru.  Wow, that is a lot of hats.  Anyway, I fell in love with this little guy who spends his days photographing his Lego buddy on adventures. Story here.

lego mania

Stay Warm if you can!  I am currently in Vermont snow boarding and skiing YIKES.


Being with Family

How are your Family Dance Gatherings?



Well I am officially in London (WaHoo) for a week with my family then off to Paris for a few days.  First London stops will be made here and here.

Tea would be enjoyed here. Gifts and Antiques will be bought here. To enjoy a full spa experience in the City of Bath here.

If time it would be neat to go to Selfridge’s (as on the PBS program entitled, Mr. Selfridge). There are 18 restaurants to choose from in Selfridge’s.  I cant decide between the Ice Cream  at Oddono’s or fine dining at The  Corner .